Triberfiling a way to green-up communication in a learning and working environment

The triberfile tool is developed to green-up communication in a learning an d working environment. It would like to make a major difference in using communication resources by supporting them in using the internal communication budget of other resources in a more effective and sustainable way.

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The framework:
Because the world is becoming increasingly complex. And in today’s digital era we’re constantly being challenged to process growing amounts of information
But we will be able to make sense of all this information much more easily if we can become aware of how we prefer to receive and process information,

More than ever, effectiveness is a vital issue. Because everything today costs time, money and energy. Triberfile developed a small online tools to become more effective.
And that’s something we can all benefit from.

A lot of people aren’t aware of their own learning style and their preferred way of receiving information in their learning and working environment?
Because working is learning and learning is working.
In situations where they need to collaborate, they often don’t know exactly how the other members of the team absorb and process information the quickest, mostly they do you just rely on their intuition?

We from triberfile would like to help our economic, environment and social cultural issues by giving information consumers a little tool “triberfile” to know how they do this, and how they could make more conscious use of communication and information?

Triberfile has developed a solution, and it’s called Triberfiling.
Triberfiling means working with a simple easy-to-use online tool in a learning and working environment such as education, government, industry, health care and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

And how can Triberfile benefit organizations?
For organizations, it’s even more important to know how to process information more effectively and more efficiently.
Because if a company can reduce the time it needs to respond, and do this in smarter ways and with more flexibility, it can make that crucial difference in today’s highly competitive market.

For example, it can cut the time required to introduce and learn new procedures and improve collaboration. Communication resources can be used in a more focused way, leading to a reduction in costs, and fewer errors being made – with better results. And employee commitment will be enhanced.

How does it going to work?
Sign up
Do the test
View their own profile instantly
Share this with others
And start using it

How to use it?
As soon as you’ve created your own profile, you can start to use it for yourself.
You will get an insight into how you can absorb information most effectively. And then you can start applying this to your learning and working situations.
Sharing your profile with others will give you insights into each other’s preferences when it comes to distributing information and working together.
Which means you can take this into account when you communicate and collaborate with each other.

Why Triberfile?
We are all becoming increasingly responsible for our own personal development.
But this autonomy means that it’s crucial to be aware of our own personal learning style and to know how we prefer to fulfill our need for information.
By asking the right questions or by retrieving information in the right way, we can optimize our way of learning and functioning.
And this enables us to make use of our energy and resources better and more efficiently, so we become even smarter and more skilled.

Because we would like to share our knowledge and we would like to make a difference, therefor I hope I have aroused your curiosity.

Like to get involved, send an e-mail to


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